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Odom, Davis & Hobson is a law firm based out of Houston, Texas that practices criminal law in both state and federal courts across the country. Our focus is representing clients charged with white collar crimes in federal court and serious felonies in state court.  

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Federal Areas Of Practice

Tax Crimes

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS employs agents to build criminal tax cases against tax filers in the United States.  We represent various clients under investigation by CID or charged with a criminal tax violation in federal court.

Health Care Fraud

Health care fraud covers various crimes committed by professionals in the medical industry.  These offenses include Medicare fraud, writing prescriptions outside the normal course of business, pharmacy/lab kickback schemes, and others.

Child Pornogaphy

Prosecution for possession and distribution of child pornography is on the rise in the federal system.  The sentences for these crimes often entail lengthy prison time.  We represent persons charged with both possession and distribution of child pornography in federal court.

Environmental Crimes

The EPA enforces a host of criminal statutes aimed at protecting our nation’s water, air and overall health.  We have a long history of representing companies and individuals charged with violations of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

Criminal Fraud

Criminal fraud covers, and overlaps, with various criminal offenses in the federal system.  Fraud is the catchall section of criminal conduct which covers fraudulent wires, kick back schemes, and other dishonest business practices.  We represent various companies and persons charged with criminal fraud.

Federal Appeals

A criminal defendant is entitled to challenge issues in his trial through a direct appeal or writ of habeas corpus.  Our attorneys have successfully represented defendants on appeal in  federal courts of appeals across the country.

Drug Crimes

Drug offenses in the federal system involve large scale distribution networks of cocaine, heroin, meth or prescription medications.  These offenses carry stiff sentences in the federal system with lengthy prison terms.  We represent doctors and other clients facing drug charges in the federal system.

SEC Violations

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) investigates various forms of fraud committed in our nation’s securities markets.  The common violations include insider trading, theft of securities, price manipulation and selling unregistered securities.


The RICO Act was originally passed to curtail the actions of the mafia.  It is now used by the federal government to enhance the punishment for criminal actions done within many types of organizations or associations, including street gangs, corporations and other legal entities.

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