Fraud, Embezzelment and Bribery

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Money is at the center of fraud, bribery and embezzlement crimes.  Many of these criminal activities take place in corporations, small businesses and government agencies, giving birth to many white collar laws in federal and state courts.

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Criminal fraud is a blanket term that is used to cover a litany of criminal acts that involve deception by a person that injures another individual in some material way.  Criminal fraud includes forgery, trademark counterfeiting, credit card abuse, false statements, misapplication of fiduciary property, exploitation of a child or the elderly, and commercial bribery.


Criminal embezzlement is a subset of fraud.  These cases are unique in that the fraudulent acts come from a person who was placed in a position of trust and originally obtained the property lawfully.  Usually, embezzlement charges arise from an insider in a company who is fraudulently converting funds for their own use or a fiduciary that has lawfully obtained funds and converted them for their own improper use.


Bribery is its own area of fraud law.  Bribery involves one party giving a benefit, usually money, in return for a favorable discretionary decision from a public servant, party official, or judge.  The classic case of bribery is paying a politician for them to vote a certain way or giving money to a judge for a favorable ruling.

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Though not uncommon, these crimes are unique in that they are not your classic state criminal cases that are handled routinely by attorneys in the State of Texas.  Each one of these fraud based crimes involves a precise and unique area of law that needs to be handled by a criminal defense attorney with expertise in the area.  There are harsh penalties in state court for those convicted of these crimes, and the fraud attorneys at Odom & Davis will insure that your case gets the result that it deserves.

For over 40 years, Odom & Davis has handled some of the most high profile white collar crimes in the State of Texas, including involvement in the Enron cases in the early 2000’s.  Our the Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys have the experience and knowledge to handle all types of white collar cases.

If you have been charged or are being investigated for any of these fraud based charges, contact one of the Fraud Attorneys at Odom & Davis.

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