Years of Legal Experience

Tax Crimes

Odom, Davis & Hobson has an active practice in representing people under investigation by CID or charged with criminal tax violations.  

Health Care Fraud

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing professionals charged under the federal healthcare fraud statute.  In 2020, our firm obtained a not guilty verdict on 25 counts of healthcare fraud in the Southern District of Texas.


Our attorneys have represented multiple clients whose punishment has been enhanced under the federal RICO statute.  We have represented clients charged with white collar crimes and street level crimes under this statute.

Drug Crimes

Odom, Davis & Hobson has represented various defendants charged with drug trafficking in federal court.  These representations included challenges to searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment and building a defense around the knowledge element inherent in all trafficking crimes.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are classified as those crimes committed by professionals for financial gain. Healthcare fraud, tax evasion, and environmental violations all fall under this umbrella term.  White collar prosecutions is the focus of our firm.

SEC Violations

Securities violations include insider trading and using deception to induce others in the securities markets.  These cases are highly complex.  Our attorneys have decades of experience in handling securities cases in federal court.

Child Pornography

Our attorneys have a very active practice representing clients charged with possession, distribution, and reception of child pornography in federal court. The vast majority of child pornography charges originate from peer to peer network activity which allows for unique defenses under the knowledge element.

Environmental Crimes

Violations of environmental laws can lead to criminal prosecution under certain circumstances.  Notably, if the person acted intentionally and caused harm to others during an event.  Our firm has represented multiple companies and persons charged with environmental crimes flowing from oil spills, chemical spills and oil/gas related explosions.


Our firm does not focus solely on trial litigation.  We are very active in the appellate process following a final judgment from a district court.  We represent clients in both federal and state courts of appeals.  These representations include direct appeals and writs of habeas corpus.

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