The criminal defense lawyers at Odom & Davis have over 30 years experience in handling criminal appeals
Aconviction in a criminal case is just the first step in the criminal process.  If convicted of a crime, a person has a right to appeal that verdict to the appropriate Court of Appeals for review.  If the Court of Appeals affirms your conviction then a person has a right to petition the Supreme Court of the United States for review of the matter.  The Supreme Court does not have to review your case, but may if there is an issue that they wish to decide at that time.  This process is the direct appeal.


Once the direct appeal is over, the judgment will be entered and the conviction will be final.  However, a person that is wrongly being held by the government can file another type of appeal, a writ of habeas corpus.  A writ of habeas corpus can be used once the direct appeal is over to bring in new facts from an investigation to present your case to the Courts again.  There are limited reasons that a writ of habeas corpus can be granted.

Odom & Davis

The criminal defense attorneys at Odom & Davis have over 30 years of experience in handling appeals in both federal and state courts.  Our appellate attorneys have had a petition for certiorari granted by the Supreme Court of the United States who reversed the conviction of one of our clients.  Lawyers at Odom & Davis have also had many cases overturned on appeal and a new trial granted.  Most publicly, Wendell Odom handled the appeal in the Andrea Yates case.  Her case was overturned on appeal after she was convicted in 2002.  Her new trial earned her a not guilty by reason of insanity in 2006.

The last step in the criminal process is crucial to the judgment in your case.  Without a competent appellate attorney, issues that arose in your trial may not be raised correctly or could be raised at an inappropriate time on appeal.  It is very important that you hire an appellate attorney that understands the law, the procedure behind the appeals process, and the issues that are likely to reverse the judgment in your case.

The Houston criminal appellate attorneys at Odom & Davis have the experience and the knowledge to give you the best shot at success.

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