Computer Crimes

Federal and State governments have recently passed statutes with stiff penalties for computer crimes.


The Internet has paved the way for a broad variety of crimes, or added a new way for crimes to be committed. While not a lot of statutes formally include cyber crime, this is currently one of the fastest growing areas of legislation in the State of Texas.

Compter Crime Lawyer Houston Texas

Computer crimes may come in a number of forms: identity theft, frauds, sex crimes, spamming and phishing, money laundering, stalking, harassment, amongst others. Law enforcement agencies have segregated entire divisions to investigate crimes committed through the use of computers and the internet.  Many of these cases will involve a defensive investigation into the contents of your computer to insure that the State has correctly pegged you as the appropriate target for the specific crime.

The Criminal defense attorneys at Odom & Davis have handled numerous cases involving crimes that have taken place through use of computers and the internet.  Our computer crimes lawyers understand the issues that are involved in these cases, and know the type of investigation that it takes to insure that your case receives the correct result. We have a qualified legal team capable of handling any type of Internet-related violations.

Aggressive Defense

With the services of a Houston computer crime lawyer, you are sure to have a legal counsel with extensive knowledge in federal and state legislations to assist you in even the most serious charges.

The prosecutors are likely to have spent long hours building their case against you with the ultimate goal of securing a conviction. Your best counter is a tenacious defense from one of the Houston cyber crime lawyers at Odom & Davis.

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