Computer Crimes

Federal and State governments have passed new laws to deal with the widespread use of the internet

The state and federal legislatures responded to the proliferation of the internet by creating new laws and new means to violate existing statutes.  Cyber crimes are currently one of the fastest growing areas of legislation in the State of Texas.

Compter Crime Lawyer Houston Texas

Computer crimes may come in a number of forms: identity theft, frauds, sex crimes, spamming and phishing, money laundering, stalking, harassment, among others. Law enforcement agencies have created entire divisions to investigate crimes committed over the internet. The prosecutors are likely to spend long hours building their case. It is important a defendant hires an attorney familiar with computer crime prosecution to look out for their best interests.

Houston Criminal Defense – Computer Crimes 

The criminal defense attorneys at Odom & Davis have represented numerous clients charged with criminal activity over the internet.  Our lawyers understand the issues that are involved in these cases.  Attorneys must understand criminal law, and how computers function, in order to effectively represent a defendant charged with a cyber offense.  Many times a legitimate defense will require a forensic analysis of the computer or device used in the allegation.  Our legal teams understands these issues, and works alongside experts to insure the state can make their case.

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