Child Pornography

If you are the subject of an investigation, consult with an experienced child pornography defense lawyer immediately.
Laws against child pornography are very stringent in the federal system.  Federal law prohibits the possession, sale, distribution, or production of pornographic images that contain children.  Simple possession of child pornography on your computer, or in tangible form, can result in a lengthy amount of time in Federal Prison depending on the particular facts of the case.   It is extremely important that you contact an experienced child pornography attorney the moment that you hear of an investigation.
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Peer to peer networks have created a troubling area of child pornography law in the federal system.  If the government can prove that you have distributed child pornography the sentence in the case will be much more severe.  Most people that use peer to peer networks are unaware that accessing these networks opens up your computer to all other members of the network for file downloads.  If another member, or the government, is able to pull child pornography from your computer through this network then you not only have possessed child pornography, but also could be guilty of distribution of child pornography.


If you are accused of possession or distribution of child pornography you need a child pornography lawyer that has experience in these types of cases.  In order to fight these cases, you need a complete investigation done on your behalf including a forensic evaluation of your computer to make sure that the government’s allegations are correct.

Odom & Davis

The criminal defense attorneys at Odom & Davis have handled numerous cases involving child pornography, and understand the steps that it takes to effectively investigate the matter and build an effective defense.  Our child pornography lawyers have over 40 years of experience defending clients on allegations of possession and distribution of child pornography.

We understand the process by which the federal prosecutors work to obtain a conviction in these cases, and will work to ensure that you are placed in the best position possible at the resolution of your case.

Make the right decision to protect your reputation and future. Contact us today for your consultation.

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